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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Who Should be named Commissioner of The I.F.O.C.E.

a. Ed Jarvis
B. Kevin lipsitz
c. Don lerman
d. Charles Hardy
E.Mike Devito ( Not Pictured)
F. Brian Seiken
G. Eric Booker
H. other

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The Automat Makes A Comeback!

Wacky Vending Machines
Listen & Look * Click On Hot Food Machine
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Vending Machines of the World
Junk food and soda are oh-so yesterday. Now machines dispense everything from umbrellas in Japan to bread in the Netherlands and prepaid electricity in Africa. Next: Hot Food Machine
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The Automat
In the mood for a chicken potpie? If you're in New York, find your closest BAMN! automat, a retro self-serve store where you insert a few coins in exchange for a hot meal such as macaroni and cheese. Automats are making a comeback after being sidelined for years by fast food restaurants

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Should Don Lerman Be A Judge At The Upcomming Jalapeno Pepper Contest In Laredo?

Don Lerman Shown Winning 1st Place In2002

120 peppers on 15 Minutes!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Review Of The Week ...Katz Deli

Katz Deli a very unusual dinning experience in today's restaurant selection, It is right out of the 1950's ( actually the deli was in business as far back as 1888,I believe)It is for the die hard tourist and nostalgic seeking new yorker . For this article I loaded up my own and some stock photos. katz is located on E Houston St. & ludlow St. on the lower east side of N.Y.The place has 2 dinning areas one for self serve the other for wait service , however expect to sit with strangers if your only 1 or 2 people as I did , I had the Reuben Sandwich and french fries and kishka my niece had a Pastrami sandwich and 2 sodas $48 total with tax not including tip. The place is a N.Y landmark a must see as a tourist , I warn you that this is not fine dinning and the place could use an overhaul. when you enter they give you a ticket stub , don't lose it or you'll be charged $ 50 , but there is only one Katz , bye the way this is where they filmed When harry met sally and you cant't get a better sandwich anywhere .end


Review Of The Week ...Katz Deli

The Famous TicketThe Menu


Review Of The Week ...Katz Deli

My Neice Shana
Over Stuffed Pastrami Sandwich
Hand Sliced Meat


Review Of The Week ...Katz Deli

Dr. Browns Famous SodaThe Dining Room
The Wall Of Fame


Review Of The Week ...Katz Deli

The Rueban SandwichThe Kishka

Getting the Bill

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


New Resturant Review Sunday 1/6/08

So Standbye!
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