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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A Zhychick Happy New Year 2010... Dirty Joke Warning!

videoFree Clipart Picture of Father Time with the New Year Baby

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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Zhychick Returns..Shut Music off OnTop Of Page


* Dirty Joke Warning

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


A Jewish Song For Chanukkah!

These words are to the melody "As Time Goes By
You must remember this,
A bris is still a bris,
A chai is just a chai.
Pastrami still belongs on rye,
As time goes by.
With holidays in view,
A Jew is still a Jew,
On that you can rely.
No matter if we eat tofu
As hours slip by.
Old shtetl customs, never out of date.
All those potatoes mother has to grate.
Honey, tsimus, latkes, chopped liver on our plate
The best that gelt can buy.
Some would send us to perdition,
But we're strengthened by tradition,
That no one can deny.
We roam, but we recall our birthright,
As time goes by.
Dreidels and chocolate, never out of date.
Ancient Jewish stories that we all relate.
Blue-and-white giftwrap, everything that's great?
And festive chazerai!
It's still the same old Torah,
It's still the same menorah,
We've latkes still to fry.
It's at yomtov when we feel most blessed,
As time goes by.
humphrey bogart 1940
Casablanca (1942)Casablanca-Time goes by* click boxes
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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Don Lerman Wins Zans Latke Contest!

video* shut music off on top of page

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Zans Latke Contest Dec 13th Lake Grove N.Y.

videoArnie Chapman's Predictions
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1. Gabe The Big Jewish Guy Kassel 36 withdrew

2. Tiny Tim Rauscheder 34

3. Paul Pork Slap Arcaria 32

4. Don Moses Lerman 31

3. Joel The Cannon Podelsky 29

4. Chris The American Sclesinger 28

5. Matt The Big Empty Klan 27 withdrew

6. Mike The Real Skinny Hoffman 24

7. Elsie The Bacon Bandit Rosenberg 16

8. Adam Real Deal Rattner 15

9. Joey Kosher Cuisine Levine

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Scroll Down For More Stand up Comedy by Zhychick.


THE STORY OF ZHYCHICKSee full size image


on or about 1960 my grandparents Harry & Jenny Lerman moved to Brownsville B'kln to a senor citizen housing project, Mr.& Mrs, Zhychick had been l iving there for a year already, and had many friends , but pretty soon The Zhychicks friends started hanging out with my grandparents and avoiding The Zhychicks . the seniors used to meet at my grandparents house and get together and sing , but without the Zhychicks this infuriated the Zhychicks that and irate Zhychick placed a call to the housing authority saying that something is strange going on in the lerman apartment, he sees men and womengoing in an out and that he believes that they are running a brothel . the police came and all they saw was a bunch of elderly men and women singing . well after they carted Zhychick away when ever the my grandparents got within eye sight , you could hear mr . Zhychick yelling in yiddish " Nafcah , cordva"( Whore) and pimpavata(Pimp). my grandfather would yell back ZHYCHICK , that could be heard down the block, I never found out the Zhychicks first names Krazy Kevin Lipsitz gave me the name Gustoff , which he made up. i since have apeared as zhychick twice at the philly wing bowl and recently won1st prize at a Hallaween contest dressed as him . so goes the story of the origins of Zhychick.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Zhychick Reminces... Shut Music off on Top of Page

Watch for Don Lerman at the Zans Latke contest at Lake grove N.Y. Dec 13th be there to watch History being made!

* Warning Yiddish Cursing


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