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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Should Nathan's Replace Pictures of Old Eaters In Favor Of Newer Eaters?

*pictured Don Lerman On the inaugural of the wall of fame

Monday, March 17, 2008


Which Contest Should Don Lerman Pick For His Comeback?

ice cream

Monday, March 03, 2008


Should There be More Contests Featuring Kosher Food?

* Enlarge To Read ( Article Not complete Due To Scaning Limitations)
The Jewish Star newspaper ran a full page story on how many ballplayers are Jewish playing today. I was about to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award in my sport CE and called the editor if they can cover the event,He e-mailed me back asking if I keep kosher , I told him That my house is Kosher . but I eat Thraph( unkosher) outside of my home. He said your very funny Don Lerman a real charactor . I went on to say that I'm the Sandy Koufax of CE and he wanted to know if I bring my own food to the contests , I explained that the jest of the contest is to promote the sponsors food and that is impossible perhaps in the Philly wing Bowl That they can make a provision for kosher and this year they did fo 1 entry I believe. Needless to say they didn't cover the event. I asked him do you believe that any of the baseball players keep kosher and it not far to omit me from coverage because I eat thraph at contests and that there is a double standard being applied to me .what is your take on more kosher available at contests


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