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Friday, January 30, 2009


The Emergance of The National Restuarant Chains

Olive Garden, When you're here, you're family

I remember when all restaurants were ''Mom & Pops'' that is privately owned and operated. sadly with rents going up the only ones who will be able to afford the high rents are the national chains, how sad.In one way its good I can travel to Oklahoma' city and walk into an IHop and no what to expect.The overall quality is way down , its the dumbimg down of Americans taste buds. I remember going  into a luncheonette in N.Y. and getting a great hamburger not the crap at they serve in Mcdonalds or Burger king.I would rather take my chances on an unknown eatery than dine at The olive garden. Eventually that's all that there will be .I always tell stories to my nephew  how great restaurants were in the 50's , he don't agree says I don't know food, well I do I predict in 20 yrs there wont be a Mom&pop Pizzeria or lunch or dinner Establishments , with the exception of Chinese take outs and sit ins ( they seem to have a sort of indentured servants who live with the owners , you and I could never open up a Chinese take out and afford the chefs they can. Home cooking is becoming a lost art, thats another story, but in the future where will people go for a great meal? ..end..Don lerman


History of The All You Can Eat Buffet

The Buffet as we know it today evolved from the Swedish Smorgasboard, however the Smorgasboard was cold fish (Herring, Smelts Smoked Salmon etc. on ice)Around 20 yrs ago when the Chines buffet came on the seen, it was originally referred to as ''Hot Smorgasbord''. The catering halls always had a Hot and cold Smorgasbord at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, . Every Jewish family int he 50's and 60's had a family circle and always had a buffet , hot chaffing dishes containing every specialty dish except soup . I remember my family's Cousins club(family circle) the meeting rotated monthly from member to members house and each family tried to out do the other in thre spread they would put out.Supermarkets and many places in the city have a buffet but you pay by the pound , the food is weighed after you plate it up.Today we have the Indian buffet a limited variety ,a collection of 8 or 9 fancy crock pots of great tasting curry dishes that you ladle over rice .I wonder what ethnic group will have an all you can eat buffet next years ago a few cafeterias had all you can eat , but it was served by mess man, one place like this that comes to mind is the Horn and Hardarts wild west room(1965-66). in closing i'll just remark ''all you can eat buffets...what a concept!'' ...Don Lerman


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


What Food Item Was The Most Tasty in A Contest?

a. Nathans Hot dogs
b.Russian Polmeni
c.Johnsonville brats
d. KrystalBurgers
e. matzoh Balls
f Strawberry Shortcake
I. Wings
J. Other

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Back Again By Popular Demand!

Review Of The Week ...Katz Deli

Katz Deli a very unusual dinning experience in today's restaurant selection, It is right out of the 1950's ( actually the deli was in business as far back as 1888,I believe)It is for the die hard tourist and nostalgic seeking new yorker . For this article I loaded up my own and some stock photos. katz is located on E Houston St. & ludlow St. on the lower east side of N.Y.The place has 2 dinning areas one for self serve the other for wait service , however expect to sit with strangers if your only 1 or 2 people as I did , I had the Reuben Sandwich and french fries and kishka my niece had a Pastrami sandwich and 2 sodas $48 total with tax not including tip. The place is a N.Y landmark a must see as a tourist , I warn you that this is not fine dinning and the place could use an overhaul. when you enter they give you a ticket stub , don't lose it or you'll be charged $ 50 , but there is only one Katz , bye the way this is where they filmed When harry met sally and you cant't get a better sandwich anywhere .end


Review Of The Week ...Katz Deli

The Famous TicketThe Menu


Review Of The Week ...Katz Deli

My Neice Shana
Over Stuffed Pastrami Sandwich
Hand Sliced Meat


Review Of The Week ...Katz Deli

Dr. Browns Famous SodaThe Dining Room
The Wall Of Fame


Review Of The Week ...Katz Deli

The Rueban SandwichThe Kishka

Getting the Bill

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Friday, January 23, 2009


Rerun of a Classic.. Don Lerman Sells His Dentures



Horn And Hardart ...The Automat Remembered

The Automat as it was known was Horn and Hardart it was unique in the cafeteria business In N.Y. ,there was a cashier to give you change and all the food was contained in a wall of vending glass windowed machines , but was hot right out of the vending machines. They where a must world for tourists coming to visit N.Y. to eat at. One of the many facets of the place was a lions mouth that the coffee was despenced from , their bakes beans and hot apple pie with vanilla sauce. I remember going the one in the Wall Street area and one by Penn Station and on Broadway right across from the father Duffy statue there was even an all you can eat Horn and Hardart'' Wild West Room 1flight up at there Broadway eatery, all you can eat only $1.99 , prime rib , foot long hot dogs french fires beans etc. so on and so forth however it was served to you cafeteria style with mess man behind the counter. my grandfather who grew up in N.Y. in the early 1900's used to get hot water which was free and mix it with ketchup and make his own Tomato Soup.and sit there until they threw him out. Like the Carnegie deli you sat at tables with total strangers. Eventually the bag ladies , Bums .prostitutes and drug addicts who hung out there and literally put them out of business they opened up a restaurant further uptown but with waitress service . the same people the put the original site out of business started frequenting that place and it was not long before that was history too...end


W.T. Grants Lunch Counter''All The Ice Tea You Can Drink 15Cents''
It was hot a day in June , W.T. Grants lunch counter had a sign all the ice tea you can drink 15cents, The year was 1964 , I was 15 years old and I preceded to order me some. After about 5 glasses the waitress told me that I had enough and that she wasn't going to serve me anymore, I protested'' The sign says all you can drink"" she replied back that's for someone who orders a diner (such as all the flounder or fried shrimp you could eat for 69cents) I said that the sign doesn't say that and I'm not leaving, she called for the manager who promptly arrived '' he doesn't want to leave , he said he's not done drinking ice tea'' the manage not wanting to create a scene said ''well how much more ice tea do you want to drink?'' I replied ''What time do you close?'' it was 4:300pm and I stood there till closing 6:pm. end

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Don't Tip in a Restuarant , Then Get Ready for Spit Soup

My old adage '' The Tip is nothing more than intimidation" You tip a Barber so he don't mess you up, you tip a super , so god forbid you have a flood he shows up. don't tip enough or at all when you go out to eat the next time you get spit soup or steak Ala flatulence, In our time rest assured we all had our share of spit soup. Myself and another eater was practicing for the Wing Bowl a while back when the Chinese buffet informed us that we had all the wings he intends to let us have , we complained loudly , we got the wings , but got sick , everyone in the back probably cleared their throat in our food. sadly there isn't a waiter or kitchen help or chef that hasn't spit in food, its a long standing restaurant tradition. remember the waiter is the last one to handle your food tip him well and when at a buffet don't overstay your welcome ..end

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Will Nathans Survive Redevelopment?

Question: will the Original flagship Nathans at Surf and Stillwell survive Redevelopment?

Monday, January 19, 2009


A Word To The Wise Don't Ever Sit By a Window Seat When at a Restuarant

The year was 1959 I was 10 years old , I just finished having a meal at Grabsteins kosher Deli in Canarsie Brooklyn, as I exited the restaurant I couldn't help notice a family having lunch by the window seat in restaurant,I was already outside at the time near the window, a thought quickly raced in my mind . I quickly picked my nose and shimmered it on the window, ruining the families meal. the husband started yelling and threw his hands up in disgust as the waiter came out with a rag to clean the window , I ran away fast.. to this day I will never sit by a window seat in a restaurant for that reason .

Sunday, January 18, 2009


New Restaurant Reviews On The Horizon

Standby in the near future for a cornucopia of restaurant reviews on Moses News . Com. We at Moses news had a problem with our cable service which has been corrected . . In the meanwhile in the lull of contests and until we post our reviews please enjoy the selected You -Tubes that we selected , thank you for your patients and support ... The editor

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Don Lerman 's Back ! Make No Mistake About it , He Has Returned To Competitive Eating Blogging


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